Australia Student/Study Visa

Australia is one of today’s most preferred destinations for education. Nearly a million students from worldwide move to Australia each year in hopes of better education and improving career prospects. Since years Australia has been tremendously keeping up to the expectations to such immigrant students. Time to time the government of Australia has taken measures to smooth entry of students and improved on facilities of stay of the students in Australia. A few reasons why Australia is loved most by students of this generation are:

Global Recognized Education:

The Australian degrees are recognized by employers worldwide. Moreover, most education courses and training courses offered to overseas students in Australia are covered by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), a learning system authorized by the Australian Government.

Diversity of Education:

The Australian Government offers the overseas students a range of educational courses. Each stream of imparts high quality education and provides multiple options in each of its course.

Cost of Living:

In comparison to the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost of living for a student in Australia is low. Food services and housing facilities are offered at minimal rates. There are also Universities which offer free stay within the campus.

Practical Learning:

When there is a practical touch to a theoretical learning, there’s always a higher success scope in education. Australian education system encourages practical learning. Irrespective of whether the student belongs to the medical or the healthcare sector or any other sector, they are generally given practical experience on their profession activities even before completing the course.

Technology and Research:

Australia’s technology and research industry is vast. Most of the employees of this industry are students with Australian degrees. Researchers they education imparted in these sectors of Australia is comparable to none. Universities are recognized by employers worldwide, giving highest scope of employment for students of these streams.

Work Opportunities:

Australian degrees lead to incomparable employment prospects. It not only gives work recognition to serve globally but also improves the resume impression. Students who have studied in Australia are earning higher income than those who did not. Moreover, the fact that many professionals with Australian degrees get faster permanent residency is another reason why Australia is chosen for education.

Happy & Social People:

Australia badges an equal position in the list of countries with most peace and pleasant environment. The Aussies and the Australian societies welcome students with open arms and account for an equal reason for students to opt for Australia.

Visas to study in Australia

To study in Australia, the government offers a range of visa programs/subclasses that are to be chosen pertaining to the course of study. Each of the subclasses has their own set of requisites. The common subclasses of Australia study visa are as follows:

  1. Subclass 570 Independent ELICOS Sector:

This visa is for those foreign students who interested to study the course of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students.

  1. Subclass 571:

This visa is for those foreign students who are opting for courses in schools. The courses included are a primary school course, secondary school course, including junior and senior secondary or, an approved secondary school exchange program.

  1. Subclass 572:

Those foreign students who want an Australian student visa for vocational courses like Certificate I, II, III and IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma must apply for this subclass.

  1. Subclass 573:

This subclass is for students who want to obtain a Bachelors degree, a graduate certificate, and/or a graduate diploma.

  1. Subclass 574:

This visa is for students who want to immigrate to Australia for pursuing a Master’s degree or a PhD or Doctorate course.

  1. Subclass 575:

Any student who wants only a foundation course of student but no degree or diploma can migrate to Australia on the subclass 575 visa.

  1. Subclass 576:

This subclass is for the AusAID or Defence-sponsored students.

*It is to be noted that every subclass has its own prerequisites.

Common Requisites for all types of Australia Study Visa:

  • The applicant must have a good character. The applicant is expected to submit a moral certificate for the same.
  • The applicant must have good health. For which he must submit health certificate.
  • The applicant must have proper health insurance which covers the period for which he will stay in Australia. The same applies for the family members who are travelling with him.
  • The applicant must not have any outstanding debts to the Common wealth of Australia.
  • If the applicant is under any assessment level, then it is mandatory to submit electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) certificate along with the application.
  • Those who are outside of Australia and being assessed at level 3 will have to submit offer of a place in a course from the institute in Australia.

Important Conditions the applicant must abide to:

  • Fulfil all the requirements of the course for which he or she is enrolling
  • Satisfy attendance requirements
  • Have an intent to leave the country on/before visa expiry
  • Stay with the same education provider/University till a period of one year
  • Submit residence address to the education provider within 7 days of arrival in the country
  • In case of joining any new institute, the same must be intimated to the old institute before time.