Australia Skilled Independent Sub Class 189Visa

If you are planning a skilled migration to Australia as an individual or with family, the visa for you is the Australia Skilled Independent Sub Class 189Visa. This is a permanent visa and allows you to remain in Australia for an indefinite time grants with full-time work rights.

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is a part of the General Skilled Migration Scheme, and a visa specifically for skilled workers aiming for Australian permanent residency. This visa grants a 5-year multiple entry rights and long-term work rights. On this visa, candidates with no State nomination or relative sponsorship can gain Australian permanent residency and enjoy a long-term stay in the Land of Oz. Core human capital factors, points and relevant skills of the applicant are considered for the grant of this visa.

Benefits of Migration to Australia on subclass 189 visa

The major benefit of the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is its direct permanent residency status. This means that on successful acceptance of subclass 189 visa application, the applicant becomes a permanent resident of Australia. This status is granted before landing in Australia.

On being termed as a permanent resident of Australia, the applicant is allowed to:

  • Live, work and settle anywhere in Australia
  • Travel to and fro from Australia to his/her home country
  • Reside and home anywhere in Australia
  • Accompany spouse and dependent children
  • Work for any sector of his relevant expertise
  • Work rights for spouse to be employed in any company
  • Switch between companies if need be
  • Claim free medical and healthcare amenities under Medicare
  • Enroll dependent children in free education schools
  • On completion of 3 to 4 years in the country, claim citizenship

Another benefit enjoyed by many successful immigrants is the exemption of job offer letter to obtain this visa. While job offer in hand from an Australia employer speeds up the process and helps in boosting of the points, it is not a mandate requirement.

Get to know more benefits of applying for Australia Sub Class 189 Visa through expert consultation.

What are the criteria to qualify for Skilled Independent Visa?

A score of 67 points in Australia’s immigration point’s grid is the basic criteria to qualify for the Australia Sub Class 189 visa. These points are allotted considering parameters like age, education, work experience, occupation. In order to assess points and check score for migration process, the applicant must be:

  • Aged below 45 years
  • Graduate (in any stream)
  • Experienced (3yrs or more relevant occupation) in occupation listed under SOL
  • Proficient in English Language (proven through IELTS/PTE)
  • Good in health & moral in character

Each parameter allots itself with standard points. If you are keen to calculate your score and check your eligibility for the Australia Sub Class 189 visa, reach our Evaluation Experts here.

How to obtain a Skilled Independent Visa?

Upon calculating scores and meeting the standard points of 67, the visa process can be commenced.

The first step is to complete Skills Assessment. This is a mandatory requirement by Australian Government to understand that the applicant’s skills, roles and responsibilities and work experience are relevant to the needs of the Australian economy. Each occupation category has a different assessing body who conducts the Skills Assessment.

The next step is the Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. The SkillSelect is a platform given by the Department of Immigration Australia for all PR visa applicants to lodge their initial application or profile termed EOI. This initial application represents the applicant’s interest in migrating to Australia. All information related to work, education, accompanying spouse details etc. are to be mentioned in the EOI.

All EOIs or initial applications remain clubbed in a pool of SkillSelect. Candidates with best score and most in-demand occupational experience are invited at frequent intervals. Generally, a draw system is followed to select the applications.

Candidates whose applications are chosen and picked up from the pool are sent out an Invitation to Apply (ITA). This invitation deems that they have all that the Australian Government seeks in skilled professionals, and grants them an opportunity to settle in Australia. Such candidates who receive the ITA are given a time of 60 days to complete remaining formalities like visa fee and PR fee payment, PR application submission etc.

Once the application and documents are approved, Australia Sub Class189 Visa is granted to the applicant. He/She will then has a specific time period allotted, and before the expiry of which they must land in Australia.

Members who can be incorporated in a subclass 189 visa application

  • Spouse, de facto partners or/and partners of same-sex
  • Dependent children (under 18 yrs)
  • Dependent family members like parents who are financially dependent on primary applicant

Processing Time Involved for Subclass 189

The processing of Australian Skilled Independent Sub Class189 Visa involves a time period of 8 to 12 months. However, depending upon the score of the applicant the process may prolong.