Australia Tourist/Visit Visa

Visit visas are generally used for short stay in Australia. The purpose could be a medical visit, family occasion, relative visit or a business visit. Similarly if you want to move to Australia just for a vacation or tour, it would be called a tourist visa instead.

Whether a candidate is planning for an Australian tour or wants to visit any of his close ones residing in Australia, a visit visa subclass 600 is a mandatory permit he will require for a successful move. To be eligible to move to Australia for visit or tour on a subclass 600 visa, the following conditions are important:

  • Applicant must intend to return to his home country before/on visa expiry
  • Applicant must have sufficient funds to manage his (and accompanying dependents) stay in Australia
  • Applicant must be free of any criminal record; must not be a threat to Australia
  • Applicant must be of sound health for a risk-free transition

Features of an Australian Visit Visa subclass 600

  • The visa must be only used only for a short period stay in Australia
  • General validity of the visa ranges between three months to twelve months (depending upon purpose of visit visa application)
  • Family or dependents can accompany by simultaneously filing for same visa category
  • There is no restriction in nationality or citizenship to apply subclass 600 visa
  • No obligations on English language skills and no bar on age

General Documents required for applying for an Australia visit visa

  • Qualification documents (most preferred education is Bachelors)
  • Letter of Sponsorship/Invitation (from a legal relative residing in Australia- specially for visit visa applications)
  • Letter of intent (indicating applicant’s intention and commitment to return to his home country after visit)
  • Bank Statements (to showcase financial ability for the visit)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • True and valid identification documents
  • Valid passport

How to apply for Australia visit visa from India?

An eligible applicant can apply for a visit visa under any of the two processes:

Regular Process

Stage 1: Application for visit visa: The form 1419 is to be filled with relevant details like applicant’s personal details, purpose of visit to Australia, intended accommodation in Australia, details of family members travelling with the applicant, details of family members staying back in home country, health details, character details, employment status, fund maintenance details, history of visa application, payment details etc.

Stage 2: Document submission: Along with the application and relevant documents and applicable fee, the applicant must file the visa with the Consulate. Depending on the applicant’s purpose and case history, the Embassy or Consulate approves decides on his visa.

Stage 3: Visa approval & Passport Stamping: On receiving an approval of visa application, the visa is granted to the applicant and his accompanying dependents. The passport(s) must be sent for stamping at the visa office in his location.

Processing Time: Processing for first time visitors generally ranges between 30 to 35 days. Frequent visitors or business travelers may receive their visa in 18 to 20 days.

Fast Track Service- Priority Application

From December 2016, Australia introduced fast track applications for applicants in India who meet the eligibility criteria and pay an additional fee for priority service. In this process all formalities are covered within a span of 48 hours.

Note: In certain cases, there is no guarantee that the applications will be finalized within 48 hours. Also the Department of Home Affairs does not recommend this service for applicants with known health issues or character issues that require further assessment and for candidates with adverse immigration history.

Conditions of stay on Australia visit visa

  • Applicants are strictly prohibited for paid work in Australia on visit visa. However, in several cases they may take up voluntary work.
  • Applicants can take up a course study which is not more than three months
  • Applicants need to apply for a dependent visit visa if they want to invite their dependents on stay after they land in Australia
  • Applicants must not exceed their stay upon visa expiry. However, extensions are allowed before visa expires.